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What will you give to keep our Water pure, vital and free for future generations?

The Water Awake Network needs your involvement to unfurl the potential in growing a community of dedicated Water Advocates. Your support is furthering the development of the Water Awake Network. Financial contributions are very much appreciated and a great way to make a significant difference, however, there are also many other creative ways to support our efforts.

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Connect into Water Awake Network

By utilizing the mass coordination tools provided by the Internet to support Water Guardians around the world, we are protecting the optimum integrity of our Watersheds and promoting pure, free-flowing Water for this and all future generations. The local/global collaborative networking structure of WÄN is mimicking the most fundamental qualities of our source Water.

Recent explorations into the core nature of Water have brought us some mind-bending discoveries; Rather than being a simple resource consisting of a random accumulation of separate molecules, Water is, in truth, one interconnected highly dynamic planetary network … the ‘glue’ holding all of Life together.

The building block components for this vast essential network are the individuated water molecules, which are continuously connecting and reconnecting together linking by sticky hydrogen bonds in a complex, ever-changing dance, and energized by quantum events known as zero-point vibrations. While science has yet to lock down the accepted data to definitively confirm their hypotheses, some researchers and theorists go so far as to propose that Water is a kind of massive informational system, similar to today’s computer systems1.

This is certainly a lot to comprehend, yet if this is remotely true, it is vital that we begin connecting together on both focalized and quantum levels. Put simply, the human species is very likely reaching a negative tipping point on Earth, wherein our planetary life support systems essential for not only human survival but the survival of ALL LIFE, are being pushed beyond the their boundaries tolerance. 3 If this should be allowed to occur, irreversible and abrupt environmental changes would be triggered, making our one and only shared home significantly less habitable for an unknowable period of time.

Scientific estimates indicate that four of these boundaries—climate change, biodiversity loss, land-system change and the biogeochemical flow boundary—appear to have already been crossed3 . We strongly believe this is the most critical conversation for our challenging times, and we must each begin to voice it together, HERE & NOW WITH WÄN.

WÄN is designed to provoke a positive critical mass immune system response to this dangerous imbalance in the Water Cycle, where very quickly, humanity reaches the wide-spread understanding of our interdependence within the Water Cycle of Life. As we get more and more aligned to authentically live this deep Truth each day, we begin to create a ‘Global Culture of Water’. With this commitment to the future, we’re ensuring that our inherent interconnectivity is working for the greatest benefit of All Life … for all practical purposes, the counter-balancing tipping point towards our evolutionary advancement.

However, we must first each show up and be ready to activate. We need to connect our hearts and interweave our Watershed communities together ~ personal to local to global.

Thank you again for your willingness to reach out and for your commitment to Our Water.

  1. WATER SCIENCE; Marrin, West. Universal Water: The Ancient and Scientific Theory of Water. Maui, HI: Inner Ocean Publishing, 2002. (http://www.watersciences.org/wsi_002.htm)
  2. PLANETARY BOUNDARIES; Steffen, Will et al. Planetary Boundaries: Guiding human development on a changing planet. Science, January 2015.DOI: 10.1126/science.1259855 (http://www.sciencemag.org/content/347/6223/1259855.abstract)
  3. FOUR PLANETARY BOUNDARIES HAVE BEEN REACHED; Stockholm Resilience Center.Planetary Boundary Research Stockholm Resilience Center Website



Your privacy is very important to us and we will NEVER release or sell your information.
That being said, within the Water Awake Network, we do see great value in nurturing the connections in our home watershed networks. We encouraged you to reach out to the resonant like-minded people in your immediate area for group advocacy in local Water councils, events and calls to action. We offer you the choice (in the questionnaire above) of having your profile shared (no personal info) for the purpose of introducing you to other Water Guardians in your region.
For your own personal safety and for the integrity of the entire Water Awake Network, it is important that any contacts or agreements made through your association with this WÄN website be properly vetted for legitimacy, especially if you are meeting in person with another member. It is advised to meet in group situations or organized events, and please be judicious in giving out your personal contact information.
Each individual member of the Water Awake Network (WÄN) is fully responsible for their own judgement and choices. The Water Awake Network, including any of its allies or members, can not endorse the honesty or good character of any other member participating in the Water Awake Network. Any member’s presence and interaction on the WÄN site will not be construed or implied as such an endorsement of character. By making social opportunities available on this site, Water Awake Network hopes to facilitate our collective ability to connect together with a greater degree of confidence and effectiveness. It’s up to each of us to make excellent life choices for ourselves and for our Water.