Water Music

“Ode to Water”

by Windsong Dianne Martin
with Al Torre on lead guitar

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Loving Waters

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Copyright 2010 @ Windsong Dianne Martin, All rights reserved

Water Media

“Tabula Rasa”

CGI by Arnoldas Vitkus
Music by Povilas Ramoska

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Watershed Advocacy

Mountain Basin to Desert Lake

Lake Tahoe Watershed

Sustainable Tahoe

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Destination Stewardship – Tourism that does no harm.

Sustainable Tahoe is a local Lake Tahoe Watershed non-profit, which, with the support of patrons and partners, seeks to demonstrate a geo-tourism model of long-term economic prosperity that includes environmental integrity. Sustainable Tahoe facilitates collaborations between nonprofits, government agencies, and local businesses to develop and host fun, educational and low-carbon activities connecting visitors and resident alike to the magic of Lake Tahoe’s incredible High Sierra mountain environment … without loving it into destruction.

Destination stewardship happens when local expertise connects you to the 8 Wonders of Tahoe: sky, water, plant, land, wildlife, community, culture, and heritage, with fun, enlightening and low-carbon activities (GeoTrack). When you feel connected to something – you care and seek to protect it. The Tahoe Geotourism Expo welcomes and hosts you to native, local, unique regional attractions, activities and adventures, that enrich your connection while reducing your carbon footprint. Each GeoTrack is designed to be fun, enlightening and low-carbon!



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