Air Kin

This is the ‘Entry Level Tier’ and a great 1st action step. It is free to join this public concentric, with limited access and participation capabilities.  This Air Kin Concentric is essentially for general viewing only and serves the Water Awake Network website guests drawn to be involved in the Water Awake Network only occasionally, and in a casual manner. They are still wholehearted aligned with the Water/Earth ethos and memes; they wish to stay up to date with what is current in the network and communities and may travel to certain Water Confederation communities for special gatherings. They may enjoy the vital fun and learning offered at these locations, although without any membership discounts or specials. There is the chance to upgrade to the Surface Water Kinship Concentric (or any other level) before any specific event in order to receive the benefits of these other Kinship Concentrics.

AIR: While you are certainly welcome to engage within the WAN at any level, there is a structured process for community engagement. The entry point for anyone interested in becoming active kin of the WAN community is to first join in at the outermost, free level of the ‘AIR’ kinship concentric.

Here, you will be asked to create a kinship profile by filling out a brief questionnaire with some basic data. This will be the only time you will have to fill this required information. Any subsequent data you provide the community is completely your voluntary choice.

Please be assured that we will never share your personal contact information with anyone–ever.

This small action from you will go a long way in helping us to understand who we are serving.
More importantly, joining the Water Awake Network with an AIR kinship allows you to journey deep enough into the vital current of the network to test the Waters to discern if this community resonates with you. Once you get a sense of what the Water Awake Network is all about, we encourage you to delve further into the ‘Kinship Concentrics’ of EARTH, FIRE & WATER.

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