Water Kin



WATER: Finally the innermost kinship concentric of WATER represents your generative alliance with the Water Awake Network. This core concentric enables members to have an active voice in the co-creation of the Water Awake Network community, as this is the kinship tier with a vote! Additionally, at this inner most level, you will have the ability to form network wide forums, serve as a focalizer for the guilds, call for votes on any topic, and help form protocol of the network and community. As well, this level of kinship allows you create and serve on the Water community councils. This tier can be entered into only after a fair time (TBD)in the other outer concentric rings.

This is the second ring in the Kinship Concentric. Water Kin are the nourishing foundational financial support Kin. They are familiar with the workings of the Water Awake Network and have journeyed beyond the free Air Kinship Concentric to realize and serve the ethos and memes of the Water Awake Network and the Watershed Confederation, by whatever means are functionally available to them in their lives. They are demonstrating their deeper commitment by providing financial sustenance in the form of kinship contributions to the Water Awake Network online community site, donations to the Sacred Capital Community Fund and/or other forms of trade value, such as contributing significant time investments of their expertise and skills on specific projects. They are deeply committing to creating a shared evolutionary vision for re-vitalizing our community systems and structures to truly work for ALL LIFE.

** NOTE: Seeing as the Water Awake Network is presently in active beta development, there is currently no Kinship fee required to be a member of this Water Kinship Concentric, however, some specific trade value exchange and active engagement/feedback is expected. There will be a reasonable yearly membership fee instituted (TBD) when the Water Awake Network gets rolling (some time after 200 Kinship positions are filled). Any Water Kin who joins during this initial beta developmental period will be granted one full year membership for free, with the year term beginning at such time that the basic Kinship Fee is instituted. Although, with this being said, any Generosity Donations are gratefully accepted.

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